Product Features

  • Hi Visible Marker
  • Indelible Marker
  • Instant Dry Marker
  • Permanent Marker

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Quality Products

We believe to providing quality products and services with high performance to customer’s during sale.   

Quality Services

We maintain our production lines, which ensures our valuable customer's timely delivery of their order.

Control in Supply Chain

Time management and customer satisfaction is importance to us. We provide timely delivery of orders and provide services after-sales.

Manufacturing & Process

Deval Enterprises products are manufactured from the highest quality material with the high-end & latest machinery & equipments.

The entire process is mechanized and we have integrated Global Manufacuting Concept and International Quality Standards for all our products. We even guarantee our marker for life time and there is free replacement is available for any manufacturing defect.

We always upgrade our knowledge of engineering, technical, scientific R&D, operational wings and corporate management system. We have customer and market orientation for quality-price relationship.

We have quality standards in all products Fabric maker, Textile marker, Grey cloth marker, Multipurpose marker.

Product Usages

Ramdev Mark Pen has been developed for marking on Grey Cloth, Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Hosiery, Wooden, Synthetics OR Blended Fabrics products from the loom stage for identification before being bleached, dyed or printed. For permanent marking which endures various Textile Processes under acidic/alkaline Chemicals and High Temperature & Pressure condition. The Markings are indelible which dries instantly and does not bleed, stain or damage the fabric. Its simple in use like ball pen, ensures clear, smooth and continuous marking. Our product usage in Textile Processors, Textile Mill Gin Stores & Accessories Suppliers, Textile Export-Import House, Hosiery Knitting & Processing Units, Spinning, Twisting & Weaving Units, Grey Merchant & Manufacturing Unit.